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Rethink your relationship with Healthy food

fresh. affordable. healthy.


about us 

Nutri Muscle Meals is a local meal prep delivery service. We deliver prepared meals that our clients can enjoy for the whole week. Our menu changes every two weeks to provide you with variety, so you’ll never have to worry about boring, repetitive meals. Get the best meal prep delivery plans when you choose us!

why choose us

We believe good food should be convenient, diverse, healthy and frankly taste good. Enjoy healthy meals without the shopping, preparing, cooking and cleaning. We are here to make your life easier, leaving you healthier and happier!
Client service is one of our top priorities as a company. Your opinion as a valued client is very important to us. We appreciate all kinds of feedback; we want to learn how to serve you even better. Please feel free to message us with any question.



Nutri Muscle Meals’ commitment to you is to help you achieve your lifestyle goals by providing you with healthier food options, rather than you relying on fad diets and a quick 30-day weight loss program. We believe that healthy meals should be available to you without the hassle of adding a daily task. 


OUr story

“We started Nutri Muscle Meals because we saw problem in our society, and we wanted to be the solution! We often sacrifice health for convenience. We noticed that many people often choose unhealthy and inadequate choices for convenient meals. Whether you are gym goer, office worker, or home maker; your choices for food are very limited. It typically comes down to greasy fast food or frozen meals.
We wanted to create a meal prep delivery service that offers nutritious, healthy, organic, locally prepared, and easily accessible meals for you to enjoy.” -Luki & Tony


what we offer

Whether you are interested in our Muscle, Keto meals, Kids meals, Keto breakfast or Keto Bakery, Nutri Muscle Meals create meals that optimize macronutrient proportions.
We carefully calculate each meals proteins, carbohydrates, calories and fats. We take pride in our job and we guarantee you that cooking is an art and science which is why our team pays close attention to every detail from presentation to food quality to taste.

how its mADE

We prepare every one of your meals as if we’re making it for ourselves. Great respect is awarded to our ingredients. Our produce is hand-picked, working with local, organic, and family-owned farms whenever possible. We procure our products at the peak of freshness. You don’t have to worry about how your food is being handled; your meals are being cooked immediately applying the highest sanitation & safety standards in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.


We will deliver your meals from 6-9 pm on Sunday; we will send you a message to give you a more estimated time of delivery on Sunday early afternoon.

We deliver half on your meals on Sunday and the remaining half the following Sunday that way your meals will always be fresh.

Your meal prep containers are packaged in an insulated bag that are designed to keep your meals at safe temperatures. If you are not home or present for your delivery, we leave your order in the insulated bags in your front door or a specific place per your request. Once you receive your order, refrigerate your meals.